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The All-New Presence KD ("Knock-Down") counter is our latest in counter design that comes from our original 900 panel system family but can be paired with other designs and custom booth configurations easily. Six great counters, designed to knock down and pack flat for optimum shipping ease. Your choice of a wood laminate counter top and plex or sintra (available in different finishes) with standoffs for logo placement. 

Contemporary Design - Presence counters are available in a variety of styles to reflect yours.

Functional Design - Helping you stay organized and powered on the show floor with locking doors, internal shelf, and grommet in top for power access. 

Portable and affordable - Requiring only one 48" x 25" case to pack and weighing in as low as 100 lbs, Presence counters will save you money on shipping and material handling, show after show. 

*Model/image shown with custom laminate colors


37.62 in. (95.56cm)

47 in. (119.38cm)

25 in.(63.5cm)

50 lb. (22.67kg)

Lead Time:
4 weeks


Part # QTY Description
S-CTR06 1 Presence Knock-Down Counter
UF4825 1 48"x25" Rotomolded Transport Case

Solar Knock-Down Counter 06 Specs

This order will ship in 1 box. This shipping information is determined by the base configuration and does not reflect any added components.

Box 1

Length: 50 in. (127.00cm) Width: 28 in. (71.12cm) Height: 11 in. (27.94cm) Weight: 85 lb. (38.56kg)

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